About us

We’re a group of experienced leaders with deep skills and experience in transformational change and health reform.

We are here to help the established and emerging health leaders to develop and hone the skills that create positive change in the system. We believe development opportunities should be equitably accessible to people irrespective of where they live and work.

We know managers recognise the benefits of ongoing professional development within their own teams. Emerson.Live is committed to helping build your team’s capability and capacity to create change from within.

Our facilitators have accomplished careers in the health and human services sector, and share a vision of continuous improvement in the health system through developing the workforce skills we need for now and into the future.


Alicia Cook

Alicia Cook is an experienced management consultant and health informatician with a background in digital health and funding. 

Alicia has a nuanced understanding of health service needs, particularly in the context of major health reform. She is an experienced facilitator and has designed and developed workshops for health audiences on a range of topical subjects.

Alicia teaches Benefits Realisation Planning for Digital Health Projects

Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson has qualifications in operations management and is our resident data analytics guru. His strength lies in translating data into meaningful insights so that health management can make decisions with confidence and at pace.

Ed teaches Excel for Health Care and Using Information for Improvement.

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