Excel for Health Care

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Excel for Health Care - Program Overview 

Information gives people confidence to make decisions. In health we have lots of information, often in unhelpful spreadsheets, and getting it in the right format can sometimes be challenging. 

This program is designed to give people working in health care the skills required to feel confident using Microsoft Excel to provide timely data and information to support their role. This course is designed for everyone, both novices and experienced users will find it helpful. 

Learning Objectives

This practical, online training series will help participants to:

  • Feel confident in Excel by sharing shortcuts and quick functions that save time,
  • Expand their knowledge of useful formulas that are relevant when working with health care data,
  • Practice efficient ways to filter and sort information,
  • Understand how to use and optimise pivot tables to answer their data questions,
  • Master techniques to improve the quality of charts and visualisations; and
  • Learn formatting best practices that simplify spreadsheets.

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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson is an experienced management consultant and health care data strategist. Starting his professional career as an analyst specialising in performance improvement, he’s worked with more than ten health systems across Australia and New Zealand to improve how they use and present information. He coaches executives, managers and analysts to perfect their information strategies and then supports them to enable their goals by using data tools effectively.

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