Using Information for Improvement

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Using Information for Improvement - Program Overview

Measuring the right data points is an important part of improvement and with the right measurement strategy, you can get timely and useful information that enables change.

This program is designed to help participants develop their own measurement strategies that will better support improvement projects that they undertake.

Learning Objectives

This practical, online training series will help participants to: 

  • Develop simple and clear measurement frameworks that can be implemented,
  • Navigate the complexity of improvement science from the lens of measurement strategy,
  • Understand the differences between conflicting measurement approaches used in health care: measurements for improvement, measurement for research and performance measurement,
  • Understand the basics of variation and statistical significance, and explore tools that will give credibility to results; and
  • Learn approaches to measure change and how best to work with information analysts.

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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson is an experienced management consultant and for more than five years has been supporting change within health systems and government across Australia and New Zealand. Appreciated for his pragmatic approach to improvement, he works with executives, clinicians, managers and other stakeholders to strategically position health systems for the future and deliver sustainable change.

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